Minimally invasive perineoplasty is an exclusive patented method for recovery of a female intimacy sphere


MINIMALLY INVASIVE PERINEOPLASTY METHODAs a woman advances in years, not only her face becomes older, but also her private parts of the body. In view of age-specific changes of the organism or postnatal traumas a lot of women experience discomfort throughout all their lives, but keep silent, because they do not know how to tell a gynecologist about it. Clinical evidence of a genital organs disfunction bring women physical and emotional suffering, negatively influence the general well-being, sexual activity, make patients partially or totally incapacitated, lead to a depression, neurotic disorders and aloofness of a personality from society, dissensions in their family life. Minimally invasive perineoplasty with the use of a monofilament synthetic long-dissolvable suture is a modern solution of a functional and aesthetic problem in a female intimacy sphere.


This procedure is recommended to women at the age of 21 to 65 who experience reduced sex satisfaction, suffer from recurrent infections in the female intimacy sphere, have initial presentation of a genital prolapse. As a rule, the structure of tissues in the private parts changes by age 40 because of a reduced estrogen production. They lose flexibility, become less elastic, there is often dryness, constant discomfort. This might happen either for genetic reasons, or as a result of a childbirth. Anyway, sex sensations lose their acuity, and external changes also completely do not appeal to the eye. Indications for the procedure:

  • Perineum deformity
  • Incompletely closed vulvar slit
  • Discomfort of sex life (impossibility to contract pelvic diaphragm muscles)
  • Reduced sex satisfaction
  • Increased rate of vulva infectious diseases
  • Age-related changes