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By Alexander M. Ilyanok


Energy of stars and the Hollow Sun

(nonthermonuclear approach)

The article describes a new model of the sun having a hollow core as introduced in [1]. The model helps to explain a number of experimental facts of kinetics, energetics, and Sun spectroscopy based on classic physics. The origin of the Sun’s energy is not the thermonuclear process taking place in its core, but the coherent, anisotropic gravitational compression of the atomic hydrogen in the solar shell at the temperature of 6289 K.  


Macroquantum laws in astronomy

      A new method of fundamental quantum data sampling on basis of an optimum measuring scale has been designed. The method was applied for minimization of redundant experimental data in different fields of physics. Basing of this method there has been found the laws of binding electromagnetic, strong and gravitational interaction. It is shown that the laws of quantizing of physical quantities are the effect of space fibering. Moreover the said laws have a general electromagnetic nature as well. They are related to dimensionless electromagnetic constants - N a =861 and a -1 =137,0360547255. These constants cover both the atomic and the space scales. The macroquantum laws of planets, the Sun, the Solar system, the Galaxy and the Metagalaxy as a whole have been discovered. It is demonstrated that the macroquantum laws of gravitation discretely agree with the Newton’s law of gravitation. In this case the maximum velocity of gravitational interactions is equal to a -4 с = 3,526 × 10 8с, where c is the velocity of light. It has been proved that the physics laws for condensed substance are not invariant to Lorentz-transformations, whereas the absolute traverse velocity in the Metagalaxy for condensed substance does not exceed a с=2187,67 km/s. As a matter of fact this parameter closes out the problems of interstellar traveling and space wars. A time estimation of burning of Jupiter into the second Sun shows that «the doomsday» for the mankind will come not earlier than in 50 million years. Moreover, new power sources in the core of the Earth are disclosed, which at the expense of induction essentially influence the climate of the Earth.

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