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InterSpok company has created and patented a bank of new effective and unique devices to prevent and cure diseases of prostate, brain, kidneys, ishemia, sepsis, ginecopathy and different kinds of skin diseases. The devices can also be used as an anaesthetic, that effects /acts like sedative, has warming and calming effect while curing arthritis, periarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis.

Applying /using of the low frequency magnetic therapy speeds up the processes of biochemical reactions and metabolic process, stimulates neuromuscular affectability of tissues, mobilizes the inner body resources by local stimulation.

StimulSPOK - produces a soft effect on the whole human organism.

UniSpok UniSPOK - produces a specific magnetic therapy effect while treating urologic, gynaecological and skin diseases.
UniSpok ProSPOK - produces a soft local specific effect on the prostate.
GyneSpok GyneSPOK - produces a soft local specific effect on female genital organs (uterine neck, ovaries, epididymis, vagina).
DermSpok DermSPOK - produces a soft local specific effect on the skin by a special pulsed magnetic field.
OrthoSpok OrthoSPOK - provides efficient and targeted treatment of various diseases of joints and spinal column.
UniSpok MusSPOK (or UniSPOK-М) - produces a unique psychotherapeutical effect on the human body.

The effect is achieved by the magnetic field of a special form applied to a treated area, using the magnetic source of a unique design. The treatment impact doesn't cause any side effects on organs or tissues.

The information and energy effect of the magnetic impact on the biological systems is achieved through improvement of the blood microcirculation, increase of the cell membrane permeability in the treated area, acceleration of the biochemical reactions and metabolism, regeneration of damaged tissues, stimulation the neuro-muscular processes, correction of bioenergetics, etc.

The modern technology of low frequency magnetic therapy is easy-to-use for outpatient and in-patient treatment and at home.

Treatment with the SPOK devices can be accompanied by taking any medications