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Eurasian Patent Convention
(done at Moscow on September 9, 1994)
We are registered as Eurasian Patent Attorneys and can represent our clients before the Eurasian Patent Office.
So we invite your attention to general advantages of a Eurasian Patent.

Eurasian patent covers 8 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) with the territory more than the territory of USA and Canada.
A PCT application may enter its Regional Stage in Eurasian patent Office (EAPO) in 31 (thirty one) month from its priority date. The required documents for filing a Eurasian patent application are :
Duration of protection is 20 years

Essentials of the Eurasian patent procedure

The Eurasian Patent System provides an opportunity for natural and legal persons to protect the rights for their inventions on the basis of a single Eurasian patent effective in the territory of 8 Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC) member states 

Eurasian Patent Organization - Turkmenistan Turkmenistan,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Belarus Republic of Belarus,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Russia Russian Federation,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Kazahstan Republic of Kazakhstan,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Republic,

Eurasian Patent Organization - Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic

Eurasian Patent Organization - Armenia Republic of Armenia.

Eurasian patents are issued for inventions created in all areas of scientific, technical and economic activities.

Currently applicants from more than 80 countries of the world use the Eurasian Patent System.

Preparation and filing of a Eurasian application

You may obtain ONE Eurasian patent effective in the territory of one or several Eurasian Patent Convention member stateson the base of ONE Eurasian application isfiled.

The Eurasian application may be submitted in ANY language with the subsequent provision of a translation into the official language (Russian).

The Eurasian application may be filed in ELECTRONIC form.

A Eurasian patent can be obtained on the basis of an INTERNATIONAL application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) procedure;

Upon introduction into the Eurasian Patent Convention regional phase the fee for filing and examination of the Eurasian application is paid simultaneously with the application filing or later with a20% and 50% increase, respectively.

The conditions for invention patentability under the Eurasian legislation COMPLY with the provisions of the PCT, the European Patent Convention (EPC) and the laws of the developed countries of the world.

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) performs the functions of the RECEIVING, INDICATED and SELECTED offices in accordance with the PCT. The requirements for the execution and content of the Eurasian application are similar to those of the PCT, PLT and EPC.

The stage of examination of a Eurasian application

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) conducts a patent search of international type and substantive examination which ensure the RELIABILITY of the Eurasian patent.

For the applicant's convenience a request for substantive examination may be filed within 6 MONTHS from the date of publication of the patent search report.

 Provision is made for the EXTENSION of the terms established by the EAPO for procedural actionsaimed at obtaining a Eurasian patent.

Accelerated patent prosecution programs - Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH Programs) are bilateral agreements between the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) and other regional and national patent offices, the main purpose of which is to provide applicants with an opportunity to get a patent faster and more efficiently in one of the offices participating in the programusingthe results of a search and examination conducted in another participating office.

Such agreements are concluded with EPO, JPO, CNIPA, KIPO.

After grant the Eurasian patent.

There is provided an opportunity to:

CHOOSE at this stage the Eurasian Patent Convention member states in respect of which the Eurasian patent will be maintained;

RESTORE the rights to the Eurasian patentceased to be effective due to non-payment of the maintenance fee;

EXTEND the validity term of the Eurasian patent in respect of certain categories of inventions;

ABANDON the Eurasian patent upon the application of the patent holder;

LIMITthe Eurasian patent upon the application of the patent holder.

Additional advantages in the costs for patenting in Eurasian Patent Organization

For applicants who are natural persons from the Eurasian Patent Convention member states the fees for all legally significant actions are REDUCED by 90%.

For applicants who are legal persons from the Eurasian Patent Convention member states the fees for all legally significant actions are REDUCED by 10%.

For applicants who are natural persons from the non-EAPC member states the fees for all legally significant actions are REDUCED by 50%.

The fee for filing a Eurasian application is REDUCED by 25% if the application contains an international search report or an international type search report prepared by one of the international search authorities, and by 40% if such reports are prepared by Rospatent.

The costs for obtaining a Eurasian patent effective in several countries  of the region are LOWER than the total costs for obtaining national patents in these countries.

From the moment of publication of the Eurasian patent and before the payment of the first annual maintenance fee after 3 years the patent owner is granted the exclusive right to the invention IN ALL COUNTRIES of the region.

Payment of fees

Fees related to obtaining and maintaining a Eurasian patent are paid in ONE Office the EAPO.